Tuesday, September 21, 2004
This blog is full of stuff about elections and GOAT (Global Operation Against Terror). To relieve the tension, here's some cheerful news that we South Asians can be proud of.

Pakistan to launch low-orbiting robotic geostationary manned probe to Jupiter

Islamabad, 21st Sept 2004, (NSN/GoatNews) Pakistan's minister for spaceflight, fancy goods and trinkets, Brig. Fakhr announced at IDEASS-2004 today that Pakistan will soon launch a low-orbiting robotic geostationary manned probe to Jupiter.

This will highlight the best of Pakistani technology, which is world class and better than that of a neighbouring country which the minister declined to name. The vehicle is a completely new concept and is based on a radical departure from existing technology. It revolves around a reusable vehicle called the "Geostationary Orbiting Astral Tourer" (G.O.A.T.).

"This concept has been floating around for some time in our secret laboratories in the lush poppy fields near Wana", said the handsome, peach complexioned Pakistani Brig Fakhr. The normally reserved Brigadier appeared to be in a gay mood as he revealed further plans of PISRO - Pakistan's Indigenous Space Research Organization. The rear of the Astral tourer (G.O.A.T.) will be mated with a "Low Orbiting Velocity Enhanced Rocket" (L.O.V.E.R) and the twin complex will then be used for anything from education to delivery of conventional and unconventional warheads. Pakistan is a staunch ally of the US in the war of words against terror.

Pakistan President General Musharraf has warned many Al Quaeda terrorists to "Lay Off" and his job would be easier if he did not have to spend time and effort counting the 70 million Indian troops allegedly stationed in Kashmir.

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