Friday, October 08, 2004
The Debate

I think Bush was better than last time. At least, he was screaming, instead of mumbling. He also made the crowd laugh three times (by my count), which is important. It is painful to see Kerry try making people laugh - I do not think that Red Sox joke plays in ol' Mizoorah. Neways.
Kerry stumbled a couple of times. The most notable was when he talked of Bush's mistakes instead of his own, for the last (?) question. He would have shaved off a chunk of that Boston Brahmin image if he had seemed genuinely feeling that he had committed a mistake on this issue or that. And instinctively, people tend to believe that people who own up to mistakes - and can confess publicly - have conviction. Kerry lost a golden opportunity there.
And what about that Timber company thing - was that some factoid that was thrown in by some over-enthusiastic aide that will turn out to be wrong? Or, will the Kerry campaign have some info backing up the candidate's statement? This is gonna be interesting.
As I had predicted, Bush wielded the "Liberal, Liberal" slogan. And thank God he did not do bad - or, we would have heard the nukilar slogan ("fag, fag") too.
And Kerry's statement in response to the abortion debate was kind of winded. But I guess the base would be satisfied. And it would not offend the moderates. Bush's dig there, saying he was trying to decode it was not really a good idea. Bush came out as an idealogical guy there again.
I do not get it... I think Edwards' response to the 86 tax increase votes of Kerry (that he had supported > 600 tax cuts) was easily more resonant. Kerry should have mentioned that too.
Bush really screwed up the question on draft. Kerry failed to excoriate the small army idea of this admn (popularly known as the Rumsfeld Doctrine). He missed another opportunity there.

Overall, I think Kerry took this one too.

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