Monday, October 04, 2004
Hung House in Maharashtra likely, says Express-Loksatta-NDTV Opinion Poll - Newindpress.com
I am rooting for, hold your breath, the Congress-NCP alliance in this race. A perceived BJP-SS win would strengthen the so-called Hindutva forces in the BJP, egged on by Thackeray.
However, if the Congress-NCP can pull it off in Maharashtra, in what could be Thackeray's last election (he is 77), it would be seen as a failure of the Uma Bharthi strategy (I wonder if Advani was the brain behind that idea - hopefully not), giving the moderates in BJP a stick to beat the saffronites with.
And the self-styled Hinduhriday Samrat would receive a rebuff - which is good any day.

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