Sunday, October 24, 2004
If Ohio Goes Democrat

Used to be times, more than six days ago, when OH was seen as the keystone to this election. But not anymore. For some reason, the Bush campaign has stopped focussing on OH - the POTUS will visit us,
The Buckeyes, only once from now to the E-day. The new darlings are the Dairy folks of Wisconsin.

There are two views among the Dems as to why Ohio has lost Bush's attention. One group believes that Bush has given up on the state in a tactical shift. Another group believes that Bush has taken a surer way of winning Ohio - steal it. Of course, Cuyahoga, the most populous, and Democratic county in OH, is already complaining about its ballots. The GOP has is also sending Larry Russell, the man who oversaw the alleged vote fraud in South Dakota, to Ohio.

But that aside, if Ohio does go Democrat, is the BC'04 finished? Not really. Bush is counting on winnin Wisconsin, which would mean that Kerry has to win New Hampshire to win the Presidency - and this does not seem very probable.

The fly in the ointment for Bush? He has to win Florida - if Kerry wins both Ohio and Florida, the Presidency is his - irrespective of what happens in Wisconsin or Iowa or New Hampshire or New Mexico. That does seem possible - with Kerry closing in on Bush in the Sunshine state, and the Republican leaning Orlando Sentinel today endorsed Kerry. The last Democrat that paper endorsed for Presidency was Lyndon Johnson, in 1964.

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