Wednesday, October 13, 2004
The Last Debate

By far, the most unremarkable one. The questions that were asked were quite incisive. But surprisingly, very important domestic issues - including the gas prices, alternate fuels and environment never came up (gas prices came up in none of the debates!).

I was taken aback by a couple of point-blank questions, especially, the one on homosexuality being natural orientation or a lifestyle. But I think it was a very wishy-washy reply that Bush gave, and Kerry did answer it in a way that could be biting the bullet. But, I seriously did not understand why Kerry had to draw in Mary Cheney on the question - except, possibly, to put a human face on the reviled group. But the fact, Senator, is that gays are not that faceless mass anymore. Almost every American today knows at least one person who is gay. So, I guess it would come across as a cheap shot by Kerry.

Bush was wishy-washy abt Abortion too - he actually passed it up after 30 seconds. Is it confidence in knowing he has gotten the message to the interested base in his Dred Scott decision code lingo?

Bush seemed very engaged in the beginning, and I almost gave this one to him... before he turned all ruddy, and started rambling a lot.

Interestingly, there was a pattern in the Veep and the Prez answered questions on the jobs question - they helpfully informed us that the best way to get Americans working is to get them employed!! I mean, seriously!!! To be fair, they followed it up with a lecture on education - leaving the respective challengers to point it out.

Kerry was strong on the substances. If one remained awake thru the debate, she would have got an impression that he knew the stuff. Bush mixed up a lot of numbers. And there were the usual bunch of Bushisms (International world?).

But Kerry made a couple of gaffes where it matters. He should have mentioned second amendment, along with first and fifth, when he said he would never limit the rights of the people. That is the beauty of the Bush campaign machine - they are excellent at filling in the spaces with codewords and correct phrasing that would get the message right.

Kerry's joke about Sopranoes did not get thru again. But then, I initially thought that Paygo thing that Bush came up with was a Bushism! I think Bush has reminded people of his scowl too many times now. Kerry's joke abt marrying up, more than Schaeffer and Bush, was quite good. But, was Laura richer than the Bushes?!

Overall, I think Kerry would be seen as the victor of this (Fox New gives him 65% - you decide).

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