Sunday, October 03, 2004
University revises guidelines for student groups
A welcome development. I believe that while discrimination against small, or traditionally condemned groups should not be allowed, it should not be that any one who has beliefs that believe a member of such group is wrong should be made to feel guilty for thinking so. That is just another form of discrimination.

I guess this revision is reaction to the brewing problems with an association of Christian students from Moritz School of Law (affiliated to the OSU), who demand the right to exclude LGBT students from their ranks. To force them to take in people who are not of compatible with their own reading of their belief is to deny them their identity. No liberal outlook should condone such an amalgamation through coercion.

The best OSU could do, and should consider doing is to encourage dialog between groups such as that association and, say, the LGBT groups in OSU, both sides willing. Now, that could be considered promoting diversity.

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