Sunday, November 28, 2004
Alabama Vote Opens Old Racial Wounds (washingtonpost.com)
This illustrates one point clearly - something much bigger than Alabama: Activist Judges bugaboo is effective not because the people believe it, but because it is a coded reference to the "threat" of civil rights being enforced.
First, there is the obvious flaw in the argument of Alabama Christian Coalition President John Giles: even if we assume that the guarantee to provide education is enshrined into the Alabama Constitution, the highest authority that will be empowered to judge cases on that basis would be state courts - not the Federal ones. Even the Supreme Court bows to the State Supreme Courts on the matters pertaining to the state constitution (except in cases where it leads to highly incovenient solutions e.g. Bush v Gore). This is a fundamental fact, something that the states rights- conscious citizens of Alabama should know.

Then, how do you explain the BS? Simple. They are telling the folks that it was not Alabamian culture that is integrated - it is still not in Alabama's fiber - but somethign alien, imposed, and by voting Yes to the amendment, they will be affirming the imposition - and encouraging, God forbid, the Supreme Court to enforce legal rights of, say, Muslims or Gays!

Friends, welcome to the Great Base of George W. Bush, where, apparently, lying and speaking in codes is just part of moral values.

PS: Absence of explicit mention of absence of a right does not imply the existence of the right. So, removing the clause stating that there is no right to education does not mean there is a right to education!

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