Tuesday, November 30, 2004
CNN.com - Court halts penalty for barring recruiters - Nov 29, 2004
You can bet this is headed the Supreme Court way. And you could bet that Justice Scalia would say that the Universities are translating their opinion, to which they are arguably entitled to under the First Amendment, to unacceptable conduct. Also, I think, the SC will be more sympathetic to the claim of the Military that it is a special institution. In my opinion, if this goes to the Supreme Court, the SC will reverse.

How does the Military become a special institution that can get around with sexual orientation based discrimination that goes clearly against federal employment laws? Are all these discrimination laws meant only for civilians/civilian employment?

As long as we have a Republican controlled Congress that can pass laws bordering on bigotry under the comfortable cover of "looking out" for "special institutions", we probably need a few "activist" judges too.

I can't imagine how there are gay Republicans who support the GOP come what may - even at the cost of being ostracized by the right wingers in any way possible.
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