Monday, November 22, 2004
Dear Kartic,
At least a part of the explanation lies in understanding that the Kanchi Math does not represent the average Hindu. It had certainly become a casteist fiefdom untill a few feeble efferts in recent times. In any case, those efforts were too little, too late. They lacked sincerity. They were a desperate attempt to counter the Math's own irrelevence, rather than genuine work on behalf of all "Hindus". In a state where Christian and Muslim missions are making significant inroads, and where the "upper" caste middle-class is drifting away into secular humanism (which is what most "Hindus" today actually are), a sectarian abbot's decision to sup with "low caste" people is a transparent act of desperate marketing, rather than some genuine religious movement.

Most of the "Hindu" activist organizations out there (at least the ones most talked about in the media) are defensive, reactionary, and have a negative motivation. They are losers by default.

In fact, IMHO, even if anyone manages to whip up public outrage now, using some negative tactic, Hinduism is still the loser. The real problems are much deeper.

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