Thursday, November 11, 2004
Flash News

The Sankaracharya of the Kanchi Mutt has been arrested by the Tamil Nadu Police. He is suspected of being involved in a murder case. Facts of the case are not clear as yet.

There is politics written all over the case - DMK was demanding that AIADMK act against the Acharya, and now, it looks like the govt did.

Two possibilities exist -
1. The Acharya is not involved in the case, but the DMK has acted in haste. If this were true, once the case is debunked, Jayalalithaa will go to town calling DMK anti-Hindu and what not, and soon, you will find another Hindutva wave from AIADMK. If you think TN is somehow immune to Hindutva fervor, look at the results of the 1998 Lok Sabha elections that followed the riots and bomb blasts in Coimbatore.
2. If the Acharya is really involved (I pray this is not the case) - to whatever extent - the Mutt will be in for it.

This is a nightmare for me personally, as some one involved in past with the Mutt and the Acharya.

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