Friday, November 19, 2004
Kanchi Acharya Case - Is the Shankaracharya Isolated?

Interestingly this has exactly been my thought over the past week or so on observing the rediff.com message boards, especially the one entitled "Will they arrest the Pope like this?". No reader opinions/thoughts on any of the news items related to arrest!

The above cited link asks about what happened to the Acharya's high profile devotees? I am surprised that the writer is surprised that the mutt devotees, mostly brahmins, are not raising flags of protests. That is something I expected given the specific brahmin pscyhe of not vehemently opposing injustices bestowed upon themselves and the general hindu mentality of putting up with injustices as an entire community. I respectfully and totally disagree with Mr. Narayanan. head honcho of Tambras who opines thus - "If we protest, you will say Brahmins are taking the law into their hands, you will say Hindus are taking the law into their hands. But the truth is, we are shocked and disturbed.". There are many ways of displaying solidarity with the head of the Mutt that they say they adore and respect. They can take a silent protest, conduct a candlelight vigil outside the mutt, all with official police approval. Yes, they will be elements from DK and DMK trying to do what they are best at - taunting brahmins. But they are best ignored.

(The injustice in this instance is the method adopted by the police in arresting the seer as if he were a common criminal and not the very precept that he is a suspect in the murder of the temple employee)

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