Thursday, November 18, 2004
Kanchi Acharya Case - PDF of Affidavits
Affidavit filed by ASP Kanchi and Chief Investigation office regarding the rejoinder by the Acharya and his team to the arrest.. Interesting read.

And a news clipping about the supposed videographing of the arrest itself, which the affidavit by the ASP states
Video clippings screened in High Court (the site painfully slow, so I have pasted the item below)

CHENNAI: Video clippings pertaining to the arrest of Kanchi Acharya Jayendra Saraswathi at Mehboobnagar in Andhra Pradesh on November 11 were screened before Justice R Balasubramanian on Thursday.The prosecution screened the clippings to prove its case that the grounds of arrest were informed to the pontiff and that the Supreme Court guidelines in D K Basu case were scrupulously followed while effecting the arrest.Though the CD contained scenes starting from the arrest till boarding an aircraft at Hyderabad, it was played just for 10 minutes.The clippings depicted the police officials explaining the grounds of arrest to the pontiff and an angry Acharya putting several questions to them.The Acharya was heard asking the police ``I want the assistance of an advocate.'' ``Was the Chief Minister apprised of the arrest.''The screening was done despite objections raised by petitioner's senior counsel Ram Jethmalani. At one stage he told the court that he would withdraw the allegation that the Acharya was not informed about the grounds of arrest.Earlier, prosecution's senior counsel K T S Tulsi told the judge that the video clippings would depict a person, who arranged a helicopter allegedly to transport the Acharya to Nepal. It would also show the Acharya handling a cell phone with a recharger, refusing to affix his signature on some documents and telling the police that the deceased Sankararaman gave so much trouble and it caused damage to his prestige and the junior pontiff Vijayendra.Tulsi also claimed that the clippings showed a person going behind the Acharya and saying that if the pontiff had fled the place, he could have avoided the arrest.

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