Monday, November 15, 2004
Kanchi Mutt Crisis and Anti-Brahmin politics

I had worried on this blog about the potential of the Kanchi Mutt crisis leading to a fresh bout of anti-Brahmin politics in Tamil Nadu. Some friends of mine were not ready to agree.

But now, my father reports that posters are coming up in Chennai demanding that the "Brahmin-elitist Sankara Mutt" be closed, and "the Shankaracharya be hanged."

Want to believe that was an act of some fringe elements? Sample this: Karunanidhi, an avowed atheist, now wants some boy in Coimbatore who is claiming to have some mystical powers appointed to the Kanchi Mutt Pontifficate. It is a clear provocation - he knows well that the Mutt will not accept a non-Brahmin head.

Well, I am bracing up. And crossing my fingers.

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