Monday, November 29, 2004
Kanchi Seer Case
I hated reading the news today...

A third case, this time attempted assualt, is in the offing against the Seer. And Star TV claims (and I believe, aired) the "confession" of the Acharya that he ordered the hit against Sankarraman. It seems a crying acharya confessed to the police interrogators, on camera, he did it.

Now Jaya is linking up the Acharya with (the disappearance of) some lady in Srirangam. This woman's husband had left her and the Acharya had been in touch via phone and supposedly showered her with largesse. Now she is missing.

I believe the government is trying to bury this man, for whatever he has or has not done. However, an interesting question has lingered in my mind, right from the outset of all this, I must admit - Why has Sri Vijeyendra Saraswathi not yet visited his Guru?. Initial reports said that he requires permission from the court to visit the Acharya in Vellore Jail. Has he/the Mutt made any conscious effort to complete the requisite formalities to arrange a meeting? This man - the Preceptor to the junior Acharya - has been incarcerated for close to 2 weeks now and Vijayendra is yet to visit him?

May be I am watching too many movies - but is there an intra-Mutt conspiracy for succession, all done in collusion with the goverment? Is the Mutt secretly "cooperating" with the police, against the present Acharya, giving/creating the evidence needed?

I guess my confused mind is thinking in a colorful manner indeed!

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