Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Kanchi Seer Case - Never Ending drama... Shankaracharya Booked in Another Case

Apparently for the attempted murder of another mutt official, one Radhakrishnan and two others back in Sept. 2002. If these allegations are to be believed, looks like September is the "let's-get-a-mutt-official" month. And if this happened in 2002, I really appreciate (*smirk*) the celerity with which Amma's government has acted upon it.

No motives for the purported attack has been given in the news report. Looks like the police (may be at the Govt's behest) are trying to establish a pattern of revenge attacks on part of the Acharya.

This New India Press Report Shankaracharya charged with attempt to murder has more information.

If anybody in the world knows if the Acharya was involved or not, it is the Acharya himself. Whether he did it or not, it is indeed a shameful day for the Mutt (that he is being implicated in yet another case) and for the believers in the Mutt and the Acharya. If indeed he did it (from his own knowledge of the truth, not if the prosecution wins the case), I would equate it with a thousand bombs exploding in the hearts of the ardent devotees of the Mutt.

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