Friday, November 19, 2004

The Law Minister of The Netherlands has floated the idea of reinstating a 1930s Blasphemy Law to calm down tensions between the Dutch mainstream, and the Islamic extremists, following the killing of Director Theo van Gogh.

It is shameful that a country like Holland should grovel before the terrorists who are trying to cow every nation in Europe into surrendering their liberalism.

Liberalism does NOT mean cowardliness. Neither does pacifism. It takes a lot of courage to say that you are secure enough in your beliefs that you do not feel threatened by what another person believes. That is the core idea of Liberalism - not having no belief at all. Many people, seem to have gotten this wrong.

By bending over, Holland is only showing just how mellow, and utterly pointless, her state has become. On the other hand, France, as objectionable as their scarf-ban is, have absolutely refused to reconsider it, even in the face of abduction of its citizens in Iraq (It is another thing that the ban has nothing to do with Liberalism). Show some nerve Europe.

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