Wednesday, December 01, 2004
Hopefully, it's just him...

Good ol' Alabama is in news... yet again. For having a self-righteous politician fighting the "homosexual agenda," yet again. So, what's new, you ask? Not much, I should say. But just a piece of trivia - a Rep in Alabama Legislature wants all books that have gay protagonists, and even straight characters indulging in "bad behavior" (you know what I mean!!) buried a mile under the earth's crust.

Just where do these guys get their idea of the constitution? If this kind of ban is not a violation of Amendment 1, nothing is. And even Scalia would agree, I think. Not that Allen would not know it. But, you know, jus' makin' a point - surely, a Gawd-fearin' Alabaman could do that! Ain't that righ'?!

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