Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Kanchi Seer Case - Points to Ponder

Kanchi Sathya (www.kanchi-sathya.org) is a site launched by the Mutt devotees in an effort to counter the massive media offensive against the Acharya.

Also, today's denial of bail by Justice Balasubramaniam comes as a slap in the face for the defense. His reasoning that the Prima Facie evidence points to the guilt of the Acharya in the murder is facetious, especially when more dangerous people, proven guilty at the end of a trial process, not only walk free, but appeal in a higher court and have the conviction overturned. My question is - What prima facie evidence? All the police and government have been harping about is 'rock-solid evidence' against the Acharya in the case but have failed to produce anything credible. (Honestly, I don't understand the judicial process in India. Is it like the US process?)

They apparently relied on the arrest and torture-to-confession of Appu, which a newsitem did say that he was apprehended in AP but this week's scoop is that Appu is absconding.

Wonder how much a judge costs in Chennai? I think I have enough saved up!

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