Monday, December 06, 2004
LJWorld.com : LHS grad gets legal notice in D.C.
It is interesting, and heartening, to note that a person with the name Shanmugam is going to be arguing in the Supreme Court (I guess he is of Indian descent, though it could be Sri Lankan, or even Malaysian). I would be wishing him all the best, if only he were arguing for the opposite side :-).

Anyway, the point of the post is that there is a popular belief that Indian-Americans, in general, restrict themselves to the greenback pastures of Computer Science and Engineering. There used to be a bit of truth in that - when I came to Columbus six years back, almost all students were in the big five engineering disciplines - CS, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial and Chemical. But now, I see a good amount of diversity - heck, I know one Indian grad student in Geography, right here in OSU! That, in my opinion, is good.

(hat tip: folks at How Appealing)

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