Saturday, December 11, 2004
No Regrets, My Lord...

MS lived a life that many of us could only awe at. Her voice is now irrevocably embossed in the hearts of many. Many kids of my generation can think of Venkatesha Suprabhatham or Vishnu Sahasranamam or Bhaja Govindham only in her voice. Many days, her voice, and the moving spirituality of her emotional rendition of the songs, have left me in tears.

In her last days, unfortunately, MS was rumored to have not been happy with her life. After the passing of her husband, Sri Sadasivam, who was all that an ideal spouse could be, she stopped singing in public. It is rumored that she was not treated well by her adopted son, and was in financial difficulties because of that. Many times, I have felt deeply sorrowful about it.

But now, she will have her peace, and the company of her friend, phiolospher, and guru, Sri Sadasivam. I am sure she would have said, as this famous song rendered by her goes, I have no regrets my Lord, as You have always been there with me.

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