Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Serious Witchhunt

I have been writing on this blog that the Tamil Nadu Police was not treating the Sankaracharya case properly - that he has been unreasonably denied bail and that he should have been lodged in a guest house. However, I was shying away from calling the cases outright framing. But now, I think I am ready to do just that.

Through a reliable friend, I came across this case - a close family friend had a son who used to study in the Kanchi Mutt's Patashala (seminary). About fifteen years back, the son, who was home, had committed suicide. The reason was unknown. Now, the cops have been visiting this person, and urging them to file a complaint saying that the Mutt was responsible for it. The family has now approached the Mutt with this information, and the Mutt has referred them to their lawyers.

First off, the police ought to know that even if the family does lodge a complaint, the validity of the claim would be extremely tenuous. Why then, are they doing this? They are searching for any, and every, suspicious thing that could have happened to anyone associated with the Mutt in the last fifty years (since Sri Jayendrar became a Sankaracharya). But why? It is not a far-fetched theory that knowing that their main case is falling apart, they are hoping to find something - essentially, fix the blame for something on the Acharya, and get a conviction. A classic case of framing.

But I am not willing to believe that it is the police dept that is doing this. There is a more powerful player who is orchestrating the whole thing. Could be. I am skeptical of the allegation by Uma Bharti that Sonia Gandhi is behind all this - it is too far fetched, lack clear motive, and, it is Uma Bharti speaking. In fact, I can not think of any one in Delhi having any motive.

Jayalalithaa - now, that is a name that is known for playing politics with the cops. One can easily remember any number of instances when the police pounced on people who failed to placate the Puratchi Thalaivi with whatever it is she fancied - mostly, bribes. My suspicion is that the Shankaracharya, in his involvement in so many projects - from Kanchi Tech city to Tirupati constructions, was in a position to be a immense source of profit to Amma, and refused to play ball.

I think the best thing to do, from the Mutt's perspective, is to proactively demand a CBI probe. That would put paid to Amma's efforts. Of course, the other fox of the forest - Karunanidhi - has to be handled. But I do not think he is out to get the Mutt - he wants to get only Jayalalithaa.

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