Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Taking Bushisms too far

Will somebody (Condi?) PLEASE tell the President that Pakistan is not the billion people democracy in South Asia, and it is I-N-D-I-A? I mean, either this guy is seriously deluded (which, in my belief, is also true), or he is just confusing the two countries - the result of many folks up in DC thiking the two countries are some kind of Siamese Twins. Here is a quote from the New Teddy Roosevelt:
"One of the interesting lessons that the world can look at is Pakistan. You see, there are some in the world who do not believe that a Muslim society can self-govern. Some believe that the only solution for government in parts of the world is for there to be tyranny or despotism. I don't believe that. The Pakistan people have proven that those cynics are wrong. And where President Musharraf can help in world peace is to help remind people what is possible. And the solution in the Middle East is for there to be a world effort to help the Palestinians develop a state that is truly free--one that's got an independent judiciary, one that's got a civil society, one that's got the capacity to fight off the terrorists, one that allows for dissent, one in which people can vote. And President Musharraf can play a big role in helping achieve that objective."

Or, wait, wait, wait.... do you think he knows that Pakistan and Palestine are different places? I mean, they are very similar sounding, you know....

Pakistan? Self-governing? I thought Musharraf arrested the elected PM (is that not a coup d'etat), then became CEO of Pakistan Inc., then President/C-in-C. And civil society? Come on now!

I guess Musharraf is as democratic a President as Bush is, hence Dubya fails to see the distinction between a dictator and an elected president!
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