Monday, December 20, 2004
The whole Baazee.com episode is a shameful event for Indian business and shows what a long way India has to go - both from a societal and a business perspective. As soon as Baazee realized its ignorance, it took the clip off its website and that really should have been the end of it. Perhaps a fine would have been in order if the offence was found to be grave. Its ridiculous to see a respected CEO treated like a common criminal housed in Tihar Jail. One of the ironies where films and music videos are more blatant and get away with worse.

And BJP - please stay out of it. You have no right to be the moral torch bearers of society. It is precisely this attitude of the BJP that has converted me from being a supporter to a staunch critic. This party truly does not want to see a progressive Indian society.

I have no idea why the CEO was implicated. This is not like a retail store in the traditional sense where the owner knows the inventory (Classic example: those mom on pop video shops in chennai, that have "pondy" in false ceilings). In fact, Bazeee is an online market place with all kinds of traders.

For their part, the company realized that one of its products had violated the online shop's business practice and yanked it out.

So, I guess next they will go after the cellular provider whose MMS technology supported the transfer of this movie?
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