Monday, January 10, 2005

Mahmoud Abbas a.k.a Abu Mazen has won. Make no mistake... the peace process is not all day-light now. Abbas is known to be adamant about the Palestinian refugees' "right to return." This is an issue the Israelis cannot compromise on, and understandably so. But Abbas' election also makes it that much more difficult for those opposed to the emergence of a Palestinian state to continue blaming the Palestinians for failing to come up with a responsible leader.

It's also worth noting that the second place was won by Mustafa Barghouti, (not to be confused with terrorist leader Marwan Barghouti) a doctor, and a moderate. Together, the moderates won nearly 90% of the votes.

This is a golden opportunity for Israel and Palestine to solve their problems. But, unfortunately, in the world of politics, golden opportunities are usually frittered away. Here's to hope that this will not be one such time - too many lives are at stake.

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