Friday, January 07, 2005
Give so others may live again!
Okay... I agree with the first parts of this essay... but towards the end... May be, Rajiv is depressed by the immensity of this tragedy.

Look, I feel very strongly about the treatment meted out to Kanchi Acharya. But, to me, for someone to suggest that God would kill hundreds of thousands of people just to make the point that He is pissed off with Jayalalitha seems preposterous. If God were to do so, He must be cruel, or dumb, or both. And, He is a real bad shot - He wanted to get Tamil Nadu, but the quake hit near Sumatra!!

As a person who wants to love, and not just fear Him, such notions seriously irritate me.

And Rajiv does not stop with framing God in this massacre (that is what it would be if it was a created thing), but also obliquely implies that the Sankaracharya was also involved. Well, let me put it this way - here is where religion double-crosses the believers, and becomes blackmail with superstition. If Rajiv is right, the Sankaracharya is not responsible for just one death, but of hundreds of thousands. Really, does Rajiv want him to stand trial for that?

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