Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Hard Fact

Let's face it... this thing is monstrous. Now, I am not at all enthusiastic about governmental regulation of what ought and ought not be on market shelves (except stuff that might cause injury to any other than the consumers. I am, though, an advocate of corporate responsibility. And this reeks of a lack of that.

That aside, let's look at the map now. Not in Northeast, not west of the Rockies. Well, what does that leave us with? Oh, good ol' Jesusland!! But wait.... ain't those folks who believe in seven cardinal sins (of which, if I remember right, gluttony is one)? Or, has gluttony been conveniently replaced by sodomy?

Let's just face the hard reality - Red staters are hugely hypocritical - they would swallow all sorts of porn in their ads, love Desperate Housewives, while blame Hollywood for satiating their carnal appetite.

Oh, incidentally, may be that I am just more crooked than Seth, but I noticed what he had not. Look at the pics of the male and female versions of the Hardee's ads. What's different? That's right - the male version does not have the straws neatly stacked. Reminds you of something else. Hey, I am a blue stater at heart!

PS: If any word/phrase in this post (or its title) appears to you as having a double meaning, it is just a reflection of your perverse mind.

Those videos were gross. I almost gagged when I saw the clips.
I am surprised that Britney Spears from The PROUD STATE OF LOUISIANA was not asked to do this ad!!

As Ramki has observed the "cultural" right has always ripped Hollywood for promoting sleaze, while conveniently ignoring how Americans whether they are in Red/Blue/White/Vibgyor States seem to gleefully lap it up.

I guess Red States like it Red Hot ;-) Their homophobia now seems to make sense in a perverted way - they would rather give into heterosexual lust rather than treat gays without bigotry.

I hrd Red Staters attend church a lot -May be George W. should drop in one of these days and give them Sunday Morning sermons abt lust and how "WRONG" it is ;-)

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