Thursday, January 13, 2005
Kanchi Case - Mutt Accounts Frozen

If we thought that the arrest of the Junior Seer just hours after the release of Sri. Jayendra Saraswati was outrageous, I can not find words to describe my feelings at the latest top stories - the 10 minute clip of the Police interrogation of the Senior Acharya leaked to the press and the more recent freezing of the Mutt's 183 bank accounts.

I believe the media must own some moral responsibility for broadcasting a video, that was given *anonymously*, about a sensitive issue such as the interrogation of the Swamigal. Media has shown crass disregard for the truth right from the beginning of this entire fiasco and now it has acted like Al-Jazeera telecasting anonymously dropped tapes of likes of bin Laden and his homies. When contacted, the police remained silent about the origins of the video. This is certainly not just "reporting the news"; our media knows nothing about just reporting the news without painting a populist version.

And to freeze the accounts of the mutt is a despicable act. Does the SIT even realize that it is putting thousands of people who rely on the Mutt's charitable works at risk by doing this? The next step I see coming is a caretaker official handpicked by Selvi who will release funds for these activities at his discretion (read Selvi's), which probably means the legal team for the Acharyas has to seek approval from this caretaker official to fund their own defense!

This development reminds me of the infamous and bloody Kristallnacht of the Nazi era. On that November night, hordes of Nazi hoodlums trashes Jewish places of worship and livelihood, killing Jews and people that "looked like Jews", thus creating what will go down in history as the Night of Broken Glass. The Nazis then decreed that not only are the Jews ineligible to claim insurance, but had to pay a collective fine of over 1 billion Reichmarks to the government for causing Kristallnacht!!!

Updated at 5:15 pm 2005/01/13:
A good piece by Mr. Gurumurthy, reporting the existence of one Justice Narasimha Reddy of the AP High Court. This is the first time I have come across this name in relation to the Kanchi case...wonder why? Read on.. S Gurumurthy: Will the `secular' media heed Justice Reddy's warning? - Newindpress.com

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