Monday, January 17, 2005
MSNBC - Tell That to Your Children

George Will tries to have it both ways here... a very good attempt, I would say. Let me summarize the whole article for you:
"The young of the day are used to a lifestyle full of choices, and are supportive of the Social Security reforms that would give them more choices. The old, on the other hand, are used to a much simpler, albeit restricted, lifestyle. Hence they oppose the reforms. The Democrats critically depend on the support of the youth. And it cannot be that the Dems will continue without causing harm to their popularity among the youth. They are doing so only to deny the President a victory."

The rest is all commentary.

Now, let's look at this argument. First, George Will wants us to believe that Republicans, and the President, want reform because they are pro-choice, and the Dems don't. What piffle! If the GOPers are such galant defenders of individual autonomy, and avalability of individual choice, I would like to see them show it when it comes to laws that try to dictate with whom, and how, I can sleep with tonight.

And then, there is this explanation for why the senior folks are opposing reform. Mr.Will would have us believe that they do so because they are not used to choice - not because they are getting shafted... oh, and the youth... they are not supporting it because it would mean they will not have to subsidize the retirees (after they subsidized those of their time).

Oh, Mr.Will, please explain this to me, like I am a 4 year old, If Dems are throwing themselves on a sword by alienating the 18-34 year olds, the GOP is not exactly ball dancing with the bigger chunk of the aged population, right?

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