Monday, January 10, 2005
This is Outrageous

Barely had the Seer of Kanchi Mutt been released on the orders of the Supreme Court, has the Tamil Nadu Police arrested the junior Pontiff. In the beginning, I was not willing to deny the allegations of the police. I treaded very carefully till date. But now, I am willing to say that there seems to be a sinister plot behind this entire episode. And it seems to me that people at the highest levels of the TN govt are involved - including Jayalalithaa.

It is quite some strange timing - why is it that the police suddenly decided to arrest Sri Vijayendrar just when Sri Jayendrar was being released? What prevented them from taking him into custody till now? What changed yesterday evening? Why did they cancel the interrogation of Sri Vijayendrar day before yesterday?

And why all this drama with gun-toting policemen entering the Mutt? Have we not had enough with such an incident in 1984 - one cynical, arrogan woman politico ordering cops (or army) into a sacred place, weapons and all? Why could they not have just asked Sri Vijayendrar to come out, and made the arrest sans all this drama?

Now, the bail has been obtained by Sri Jayendrar on the condition that he not visit the Mutt premises. Now, with Sri Vijayendrar in custody, all the worship that used to be performed by them will stop. This cannot but sadden the hearts of the devotees of the Mutt, and the temple.

My greatest worry is that the Government of Tamil Nadu should not use this as a pretext to take over the Mutt, or its subsidiaries. If that happens, it would be nothing less than persecution of a religious sect.

Hopefully, the Central Government, and the President are keeping a close watch on the situation. I am currently writing a plea to the President to make sure that the TN government does not try to violate the independence of the Mutt.

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