Friday, January 21, 2005
Tuesday, March 29, 2005

That date is going to be real important for any one who is interested in Info Tech. Two cases are going to be argued in the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS):

1. MGM Studios v. Grokster will decide whether those who provide software enabling download of copyrighted music files (or movies) are liable for the copyright infringement. If the decision goes against Grokster, it might be the end of many P2P software. But it could be a very dangerous outcome.
Let us take, for example, an ISP. Technically, it is possible to exchange music over the internet. So, technically, the ISP enables a user to infringe copyrights. Does that mean that Time Warner can be hauled to court because some John Doe who subscribes to TW downloaded copyrighted music big time?

It would be stupid too. Essentially, it would mean that Europeans will keep writing P2P software, which I can always download... only Americans cannot.

2. The combined cases of National Cable Telecomm. Assoc. v. Brand X and FCC v. Brand X is on whether cable companies must open their broadband Internet access lines to all companies offering high-speed links to their customers. For example, I get my internet service from Earthlink. But the cable that carries my connection is Time Warner's. Can the Feds force TW to carry Earthlink customers too? Pragmatically, it would be good if the SCOTUS rules that TW should carry Earthlink customers too (hey, I benefit from it!!). But I am not sure of the legalities of the claims - not had too much time to read the briefs.

And Covad/Sprint/WorldCom that provide the physical backbone.. Hell, even FCC for regulating all these activitities...And the banks that facilitata money transfer between the music "thieves" and other accused... They are all culpable :-)
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