Thursday, January 13, 2005
When Secular Netas besmirch secularism

The Center has now gone back on its approval of an IIIT in Kancheepuram. As an alumnus of an institution inspired by Sri Jayendrar (Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering), I am acutely aware of how much He interest he took in keeping the school one of the best in the state.

This IS the best way to secularism - when religious people acknowledge the importance of science, and technology, and promote them, rather than resisting them.

But now, with "secularists" in power, the plans for setting up InfoTech city and IIIT in Kancheepuram are being scuttled. It's sad.... and stupid.

Yeah, I read that article too.

And the reason for denying is flimsy! To say that they lack the necessary infrastructure shows how much the government understands about the infrastructer the mutt is capable of creating. For example SV College of Engineering has a very reputation for producing excellent professionals.

If the Mutt can build and run a successful DOTE College, surely they have the financial and human resource wherewithal to create a top-class Technology Institute. And given the acharya's quality-conscious approach I hardly doubt if such a venture will be failure; in fact the acharya will ensure its grand success.
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