Thursday, March 10, 2005
Somnath Chatterjee is correct

Well... first post after a while. So, I decided to restart with a shocker. Yes, I agree with the Speaker in that the Supreme Court has grossly overstepped its authority in ordering around the Jharkhand legislature, and has overridden the powers of the governor. It is disconcerting.

Having said that, I would like to remind Somnathda of a fact - he cannot overlook the so-called merits of the case. The reason the SC is able to overstep its authority is that the polticians of India have forfeited their legitimate claim to be held beyond the authority of the courts when functioning as a legislature or Governor.

Who led to this situation in the first place? Who fought like dogs in the assembly, throwing chairs at each other, passing stupid, ill-thought out constitutional amendments like anti-defection law? If the SC is able to order around the politicos, including the Governor, it is because they have acted in such shameless manner that the SC knows that the public would favor its action.

Is this the first time the SC is doing this? Remember the SC's rulings right after Romesh Bhandari installed Jagdambika Pal as the CM of UP? How different is the current verdict from that one - except that one more august office - that of the Governor - has also been successfully sullied by our netas, to the extent that the SC has decided even that office can be talked at?

When the population of a country reposes confidence in an unelected body, rather than its elected wings of the government, it is a danger sign for the democratic setup.

If you want a proof for the above statement, just look at our western neighbor. Rule by Courts is no better than rule by armies. At the same time, the alternative to that cannot be rampant anarchy. The politicos should not project that image, or people will back the courts rather than them.

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